Monopoly Game Night

This blog is about any and everything pizza, and while usually I’m posting about different pizza restaurants, I had to write about Monopoly’s biggest gift to the pizza novelty item industry.

I came across the article about the Monopoly Pizza Game in December, and of course immediately tweeted about it, encouraging people to pre-order the game. Right after, I pre-ordered the game. Even though I do use Amazon, I ordered mine through Walmart–and it arrived earlier than it said it would.

I then decided it would be a fun idea to have a Monopoly game night with the new pizza edition at a pizza restaurant.

Some friends and I went to a Cicis, ate pizza and wings, and played one round of Monopoly. Now I haven’t played Monopoly in a few years, but this version is so much better than the regular version. You get to move around the board and purchase different types of popular pizza, while earning tiny pizza slices! Maybe I’m biased because I love pizza, but this is a 10/10 game, the best version of Monopoly to come out. Hats off to you, Hasbro! I can’t wait to have another game night.

This is by far the best game for pizza night. Here’s some links if you’d like to order your own Monopoly Pizza Game.

Order at Walmart

Order at Amazon

Order at Hasbro

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