Your Pie

A new pizza place opened their doors not too far from my house! Sadly, I missed the grand opening, but I did finally get myself into the restaurant. Took me long enough. But enough about my laziness, let’s get to the pizza.

The establishment is called Your Pie, and if you’re not familiar with it, this company was started in Athens, Georgia in 2008. They serve customizable 10-inch pizzas in addition to panini’s, bread bowl salads, and craft beer. I’d honestly never heard of them until I saw the news of their grand opening. My only question as of now, HOW had I never heard of them?

Their pizza is delicious, and the perfect size too! Sometimes you don’t want to choose between sizes–deciding if you want leftovers–and sometimes you just want a perfect personal pizza topped with the fresh ingredients you desire. I visited with my parents, and each of us got our own 10-inch pie. Interestingly enough, all three of us got a variation of the other’s pizza. Being that we went very late at night, I chose to just get chicken and spinach. My mom chose chicken, spinach, and banana peppers. My dad chose chicken, spinach, banana peppers, and pineapple. My mom also bought herself some chocolate gelato.

As I’ve already said, the pizza was fantastic, and I really can’t get over the simplicity of the sizing. For the rest of the establishment, they keep everything vibrant with red and white, the logo plastered in several places, and it just really feels like a hip little place. They also have the coolest pizza boxes I’ve ever seen. So if you’re near one of their 58 locations, you should drop in and get yourself a fresh, personal pizza.

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