Pizzeria Di Giovanni

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for the first time. It was a blast! I went with four friends and we satay in this wonderful round tree house on James Island, only about 15 minutes from downtown. Since I was going somewhere new, I’d hoped that I’d get to visit at least one pizza place, but I wasn’t sure if in such a short weekend I’d have the time. Fortunately, while wandering the city we came upon this wonderful pizza spot called Pizzeria Di Giovanni. The eatery is actually listed in Thrillist’s “Best Pizza in Charleston”. I think it may be my favorite pizza place to date.

Firstly its so eclectically cute. It’s a small space but a fun and playful atmosphere, filled with decorations all over the walls. Secondly, they have a 28-inch pizza. Yes, 28 inches. I wanted so badly to get that size, but I wouldn’t have any way to get that back to where we staying, let alone back home. But just the fact that there was an option to get a 28-inch pizza made me very happy.

Now for the pizza. Four out of five of us ordered slices. Not knowing how large the slices were – bigger than my head – I ordered two. The slices were. A sight to look at when they brought them out. Long, thin, and cheesy. And so good. I ordered a cheese slice as well as a pineapple and bacon, The other slices ordered at our table included a pepperoni, a mushroom, and a pepperoni and green pepper. Our fifth person ordered a pepperoni and onion calzone, which was just as large as the slices. Pizzeria Di Giovanni wants to make sure its customers eat. To be honest, I’m on the smaller scale in terms of size, and I was definitely the smallest person at our table. My friends were very curious if I’d be able to eat both slices when most of them were full after just one. I have to say, August 4th at 1:40pm, when I put away the last remains of my two slices, was one of the proudest moments of my life. My friends were amazed I’d eaten them both. But hey, the pizza was absolutely delicious, a ten out of ten. I’d highly recommend it to anyone going to Charleston. And at some point I’ll go back so I can get my 28-inch box.

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