Manhattan Pizza Exchange


Hey all you pizza lovers! I know it’s been a while since I’ve put out a blog post. But I promise you, Manhattan Pizza Exchange is worth a break from my hiatus. Located in Norcross, Georgia, Manhattan Pizza Exchange just had their grand opening. Sadly, I couldn’t attend the main festivities during the day. I had to swoop in close to 8pm, an hour before close. While the festivities were over, their pizza was still hot!

Manhattan Pizza Exchange markets itself as a New York style pizzeria (obviously), and I would say I really felt those vibes from the inside. I didn’t feel like I was just in Norcross anymore, but maybe an actual pizza parlor in New York. They have a sizable menu; in addition to pizza you can get salad, sandwiches, and pasta. My friend and I, of course, stuck to pizza. However, my friend did order garlic rolls as an appetizer and he thought they were absolutely scrumptious.

We ordered two different pizzas, my friend ordering a White while I got the Wall Street. I was in love with my pizza; they had all the meats on there, but yet the flavor of the pizza didn’t get lost. The sauce was delicious, and just enough- not too little, and not too much where the cheese and toppings were sliding off. I tasted the White pizza, and if you’re into a lot of cheese, that pizza is for you. Neither of us managed to finish our entire pizzas by the time of close, and we both ended up taking them home. Honestly I’m looking forward to finishing the rest today.

If you find yourself in Norcross, you need to stop in Manhattan Pizza Exchange!

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