Uncle Maddio’s


Hello! It has certainly been a minute since I’ve been able to put a post on here. It’s been a bit hectic moving, getting used to a new area, and getting adjusted in a new job. But pizza is my life, it keeps my heart ticking, so I’m happy to return to my blog and keep updating everyone on all the pizza spots.

Today after a lovely adult 8-hour work day, I decided to treat myself to some Uncle Maddio’s pizza. My mother actually introduced me to the restaurant a few years ago, and we went a few times together. Time flies however; it felt like I’d been there with my mom only a year ago, but it turns we out we haven’t gone in almost five years. I visited the Northlake location, and I really love the space they have for the eatery. The entire front half is windows, letting in lots of light. The restaurant certainly has a very family friendly atmosphere, with both tables and booth seating – enough of it to hold a decent size crowd – and artwork on the walls. They even have a drawing wall where kids can either draw on it with chalk, or hang up their own pictures. The crew members are all very friendly, and more importantly attentive to the customer. While I was there, the couple behind me in line ordered a gluten crust, and the crew member asked them if they chose gluten because of preference or allergy. I was both surprised and thrilled to hear such a question. Uncle Maddio’s is a build-your-own style establishment (I realize I’ve been visiting a lot of those lately!), so you start at one end and get to watch your pizza being made on the other side of the counter all the way until you’re paying at the register and your pizza is brought out to you.

I ordered a medium size pizza with ground beef, bacon, and pineapple. After working all day, I really wanted to just eat in the comfort of my own home; but that first bite was as good in my home as it would have been in the restaurant. In the first bite I tasted a mouthful of crunchy bacon, immediately followed up by the sweetness of the pineapple. The ground beef, although there was a lot, was more subtle compared to the bacon and pineapple, but all together it was a delicious combination. The slices are thin, so its not too much in one bite, and the crust has just enough crunch to balance out the softness of the rest of the slice. It wasn’t hard to remember why my mother and I came to Uncle Maddio’s years ago. It is a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth it considering you get a variety of options and fresh ingredients.

Photo Apr 05, 6 22 12 PM

Photo Apr 05, 6 09 46 PM

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